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1/n | exploring art, fashion & identity

web3 and NFTs are levelling the playing field for creators and their fans.
we play at the intersection of crypto, ecommerce and the metaverse,
celebrating artists and the communities they inspire.

in other words... we like the art. wagmi

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what the faq?

1/n is a collective of web3 explorers, designers, nft collectors and builders. we love drippy merch, digital art, crypto and the amazing people that are inspiring and building web3. we collaborate to create projects that we love, and hope you will to. won't you join us?
both. 1/n collections are digital-first creations. ownership begins by buying an NFT that allows you to redeem the accompanying physical piece at no extra cost from our ecommerce shop. owning one of our swag pieces is cool, but owning the NFT for that piece comes with benefits.
immediately. wen u ape into a 1/n NFT, you also get the accompanying IRL drip... but that's not the only benefit for token holders. hodling a 1/n NFT will also give you WL privileges and early access to future drops, and wen we get around to building out our discord server, you'll get a hodler role and access to hodler-only channels. we're also working on plans for free hodler airdrops, some of which will include the 3D files for sporting your merch in the metaverse.
we take pride in creating high-quality, eco-friendly gear. wherever possible, we use organic cotton and recycled fabrics. plus, 1/n swag is printed on-demand, even for limited runs, so there is zero inventory wastage. we ship from print facilities in the US, Canada, the UK, the EU, Asia and Australia, so your order is likely coming from nearby.
the 1/n team works with with creators and fashion designers in NYC, Paris, Moscow, Toronto and Montreal. we are big believers in the open-source art movement (CC0), so many of our collections will celebrate artists that are creating public domain art.
sure thing, paper hands. but the physical merch associated with a 1/n nft can only be redeemed once. when a 1/n piece has been claimed by its nft hodler, the product page on 1n.world will indicate that the piece has been claimed. If you're buying a 1/n nft on secondary because you want to claim the accompanying IRL piece, make sure to check the site for the redemption status. oh yeah...we don't charge royalties, so when you do decide to sell your 1/n nft, you'll keep 100% of the proceeds.
for starters, you can snag one of our pieces on opensea. that will give you access to our inner circle when we launch our Discord channel. want to collab or build together? drop us a DM on twitter @build1nworld