introducing dead drippers

a celebration of birth, life and death
in January 2022, dmitri cherniak capped off his famous ringers project with the launch of dead ringers. It was brilliant piece of generative performance art in which he minted a dead ringer every day for a month, and proceeded to send the NFT to a randomly generated ethereum wallet address.

"it's almost guaranteed none of the wallets will ever be active or accessible. consider it a celebration of birth, life, and death" cherniak tweeted on December 30, 2022.

dead ringers encourages us to question our relationship with art and what it means to possess (or not possess) it, while also spurring the conversation about copyright and cc0.

celebrating dead ringers
we at 1/n have long been inspired by cherniak’s works, and dead ringers was no exception. his tweet on January 1, 2022, was an important call to action and inspired us to explore what ownership of art means in digital and physical realms.

as our genesis project, 1/n has chosen to celebrate the dead ringers with a line of digital-first streetwear inspired by cherniak’s project. the dead drippers collection consists of thirty-one unique 1-of-1 NFTs, each inspired by one of the dead ringers. 

each dead drippers NFT is linked to a 1-of-1 physical item that can only be claimed by the wallet that owns the NFT. the “utility” of the NFTs does not end there, however. if all thirty-one dead drippers are sold, then 1/n will proceed to develop our first “weardrop” in which owners of dead drippers NFTs will receive a free 3D file of their dead dripper that can be donned by an avatar in one of the popular metaverse ecosystems (we’d love your input on helping to choose which platform to build for). 

supporting food security
in one of the most inspiring aspects of cherniak’s dead ringers project, the artist created Dead Ringers: Edition, a grid of thirty dead ringers, and made it available to every possible ethereum wallet to mint (a maximum 16^40 editions). Dead Ringers: Edition was minted 23,491 times and raised over 1,174 ETH, or USD$3.2M, which was donated to the FoodBank4NYC and will fund over 16M meals for those facing food scarcity.

in the same spirit, any profit generated by the dead drippers collection will be donated to Moisson Montréal to help fight food insecurity in our home city of Montreal. thanks in advance to anyone who helps support this important cause through their dead drippers purchase.

ownership is a social construct. buy this drip.
dead drippers will be available to buy on opensea on 2.16.22. twenty-four pieces will be available to “buy now” at 0.05 ETH. seven hoodies will be sold to the highest bidder at a 48-hour auction, with a reserve price of .069 ETH each.

drip responsibly
the IRL dead dripper pieces are made from organic cotton and recycled polyester with a focus on the sustainability of our production methods. furthermore, dead drippers pieces are printed on-demand (zero inventory waste) at globally-distributed print facilities depending on the location of the owner, in an attempt to reduce the carbon footprint related to shipping.

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