about dead ringers by dmitri cherniak

dead ringers is a groundbreaking work of performance art by canadian generative artist, dmitri cherniak.

In January 2022, cherniak minted a daily 1/1 piece of generative art in the style of his iconic ringers series.

the brilliance of dead ringers, beyond the algorithmic art, is that, each day, cherniak transferred the newly-minted piece to a randomly generated ethereum wallet address.

"it's almost guaranteed none of the wallets will ever be active or accessible. consider it a celebration of birth, life, and death.", cherniak tweeted on dec. 30, 2022.

dead ringers forces us to question our relationship with art and what it means to possess (or not possess) it, while also spurring the conversation about copyright and cc0.

dead drippers in not affiliated in any way with dmitri cherniak
, and is a derivative project intended to celebrate his historic project in a capsule of digital-first streetwear and merch.

All profits from the sale of the dead dripper collection will be donated to Moisson Montréal to support their mission of providing sustainable food security to those in need. we've taken our cue from cherniak's dead ringers: edition piece, which sold over 23K editions, the proceeds of which were donated to @FoodBank4NYC to support 16 million meals.